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Permanent Cosmetics


I currently offer three different permanent makeup techniques. Microblading (hair strokes), shading (powdery look), and a combination of the two (blade & shade). Before your service we go over everything, shape, style and color to decide what brow is best for you. The first appointment takes about 2 hours. There are many color options to chose from, a numbing agent used to reduce the pain and lasts 1-3 years (varies per person). As always my consultation is free



Microblading is the process of manually implanting pigment into the skin to create hairlike strokes for a natural and fuller - looking brow, It fills in the gaps and defines them. It's a form of tattooing but does not go as deep. It's considered semi-permanent cosmetics. Microblading is great for those who want to enhance their brows or who have little or no natural brow hair

Powder brows/shading


Powder brows use a different to create a soft powdery "makeup look". It does not add any more hair strokes as it is more of a solid looking brow with a base color

Combination brows


Combination brows use both techniques. Hair strokes in the head of the brows then shading through the middle and tails

Henna brows


Henna brows long-lasting rich color/stain/tint will last up to two weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the hair. Henna brow color naturally fills in the gaps and has great grey coverage/blending. Enhance your brows and give them a great pop of color. It's a great alternative for those who are not candidates or interested in permanent cosmetics. It's a great way to get an idea of what your brows could look like with permanent cosmetics. Suitable for all skin tones, many color options available and takes 10-30 minutes for the service, If your brows are not shaped/waxed before your appointment that's no problem, you can add that service on for an additional fee. (Can't get brows wet for 12-24 hours after the service)




DO NOT work out day of procedure

DO NOT tan or have a sunburned face

NO Retin-A, glycol acid or alpha hydroxyl for 72 hours prior 

DO NOT take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, Vitamin E or anything that thins the blood for 24 hours before 

NO alcohol, drugs or caffeine on the day of procedure

NO waxing 3 days before

NO eyebrow tinting 2 weeks before

NO botox 2 weeks before

NO botox, microdermabrasion, chemical treatments or facials for 4 weeks after


Pregnant or nursing, diabetic, undergoing chemotherapy, viral infections and/or diseases, epilepsy, pacemaker or major heart problems, skin irritation or psoriasis near the treatment are (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc), sick (cold, flu, etc). used accutane in the past year.  Physicians permission ( dr's note) required for Diabetes, anemia, heart conditions, cancer, epilepsy and auto immune diseases in remission



Day 1

Starting one hour after your appointment, carefully dab your brows every hour until bed time with a lightly dampened gauze.  You can use distilled water or sterile water.  Right before bed, gently wash your brows with baby wash or dial antibacterial soap.  Use fingertips and make suds, you should no longer feel the soap, just the bubbles.  Gently pat the bubbles on your brows for about 10 seconds.  Splash rinse and pat dry with clean gauze or tissue.  Wait ten minutes and apply a small amount of aftercare by tapping it on the brows.  If they look too saturated, use a tissue to carefully blot the excess  


Day 2-14

 Continue with washing both day and night until healed.  If you have oily skin, use aftercare only after washing.  If you have normal to dry skin apply aftercare throughout the day as needed, when brows feel dry.  Do not overuse aftercare

DO NOT get brows wet other than washing.  Be careful when showering  

DO NOT take steamy showers

DO NOT go swimming

DO NOT expose your brows to the sun.  Wear a hat if you will be outside for a prolonged amount of time

DO NOT sweat for 10 days,  This means no working out

DO NOT apply makeup to the brow area.  Other makeup is fine, but avoid touching the brows

DO NOT get facials, microdermabrasion and /or peels for 4-6 weeks

DO NOT get Botox for 2 weeks

DO NOT pick the flaking, this can remove it completely, let it release on it's own

Brows are fully healed at 4 to 6 weeks.  During this time, you may notice changes in your brows that can be alarming.  They will get darker, shed and then seem very light.  The color is hiding underneath a layer of opaque, healing skin.  This will go away within 2 weeks.  You may feel they appear uneven at times due to this.  At 4 weeks if you feel they need it, you can schedule a touch up for $100.  The touch up can be performed at 6 weeks and up to 12 weeks 


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