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Permanent Cosmetics


I currently offer three different permanent makeup techniques. Microblading (hair strokes), shading (powdery look), and a combination of the two (blade & shade). Before your service we go over everything, shape, style and color to decide what brow is best for you. The first appointment takes about 2 hours. There are many color options to chose from, a numbing agent used to reduce the pain and lasts 1-3 years (varies per person). As always my consultation is free



Microblading is the process of manually implanting pigment into the skin to create hairlike strokes for a natural and fuller - looking brow, It fills in the gaps and defines them. It's a form of tattooing but does not go as deep. It's considered semi-permanent cosmetics. Microblading is great for those who want to enhance their brows or who have little or no natural brow hair

Powder brows/shading


Powder brows use a different to create a soft powdery "makeup look". It does not add any more hair strokes as it is more of a solid looking brow with a base color

Combination brows


Combination brows use both techniques. Hair strokes in the head of the brows then shading through the middle and tails



Every microblading appointment requires a 6 week appointment

Brow Lamination


A brow treatment that creates fuller, more defined and well groomed brows by altering the direction and texture of the brow hairs.  This service is great for those that unruly, sparse or uneven brows.  Lasts up up 6 weeks.  Please come with no eye makeup on.  Brows can not get wet for 24 hours after your appointment.  Can also get brow lamination, wax and tint

Henna brows


Henna brows long-lasting rich color/stain/tint will last up to two weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the hair. Henna brow color naturally fills in the gaps and has great grey coverage/blending. Enhance your brows and give them a great pop of color. It's a great alternative for those who are not candidates or interested in permanent cosmetics. It's a great way to get an idea of what your brows could look like with permanent cosmetics. Suitable for all skin tones, many color options available and takes 10-30 minutes for the service, If your brows are not shaped/waxed before your appointment that's no problem, you can add that service on for an additional fee. (Can't get brows wet for 12-24 hours after the service)



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